Athlete Fetishista.
Enter a state of disoriented nirvana. Sadistic, yet intimate violence.

Ms. Danger is the duality of a being, the individual both loving and heartless. Dreams made flesh. Hardly a cruel bitch unless greatly angered or offended, She is formidable but not unapproachable. As Her muse, Her affection for you is real, so too Her contempt.

Everything She does is both theatrically exaggerated and ultimately real. An ounce of real pleasure, real pain, real submission, is worth more to this Goddess than a ton of pretense. She enjoys scenarios of humiliation that are elaborate transformations as She guides you to a world of incredible sensations by utilizing Her remarkably unique skillset. Kinky thought seeps through the crevices of the imagination and into reality as we know it.

Surrender of will and the gain of control are Her rewards.

The interplay between psychological and physical control are the challenges She welcomes. Vivid imaginations are a must. Kink is about experimentation. Each moment is spent carefully cultivating, modifying specimens. Imagination and experiences will unfold Feel the disquieting nonchalance and twisted brilliance to Her scenes, pain creates pleasure, Her devious smile signals delightful danger as she brings you deeper and deeper into your darkest fantasies.

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