by Dominique Danger

Heavy the sigh of despair weighs upon me,

trickling tears tear through rosy flesh marring angel’s,
faces burning leaving the beast within untamed, without solace,
A candle that burns at both ends in despair, twice as bright yet in the darkest hour.

This soul a Crimson colored tide, A child forsaken born of Gnashing fangs,
That tear at angry blistered skies,
Where tears bleed raindrops from open wounds and barren wombs,
Leaving master and slave, Both meek and brave,
Each moon and sun, An alternate tidal wave
That drowns yet does not save.

This love a deep daunting azure,
Subtle pains bring stormy summer skies
and a rainbow robbed of its gold at a journeys’ end
a heart broken its wound profound, the horizon of hope now misty
disappears into an abyss that dares not stare back

The face of shame ugly though it rears its wicked smile
brings a morbid silence to add to the darkness of this sad
day that defines the vile existence of one so invested in the light
that once burned bright down the tunnels of this labyrinth of hope and pretentious happiness

Confusion plagues a sound mind
a mind once lost then found then lost again
never to be salvaged from this death sentence that defines its new course
into a future plagued with the fears of pain and regret

Carry on with what burdens you without looking back
take the shame of the blame for all that you lack
swallow thine pride and to mine own self can never be true
Life cursed with uncertainty, memories, through the cracks of sanity seeping through

Drowning in the sea of oblivion in my sleep I come to
crashing waves of reality wash away illusive forgetfulness of sentiments, blue
An open invite for the tides of sorrow to renew
footprints on the shores of my life washed away with every day
wanting to retrace that path frantically trying to find my way
a clean slate smeared in crimson and hate
betrayed by the stars fearing the imminent fate
of darkness setting before it’s too late

Oh sorrowful mockingbird chanting despair,
every grievance and growth, in pain I share
And Wring this day dry,
With every death sentence, a drenched cry..

For tis not just yet My time to die.

Now come hither, let this Goddess rob you of your sanity, rhyme and reason, but for a short while....My dear puppet.